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Mindful Decision-Making: 5 Tips for Tuning into Great Choices by Andrea Mortensen, Director

Mindful Decision-Making: 5 Tips for Tuning into Great Choices by Andrea Mortensen, Director How many decisions have you made today? It could be a whopping 10,000. Cutting through the clutter to make decisions that are right for ourselves and our organisations is a key life skill. So […]

Three Steps to Effective Career Planning by Michelle Celander PhD, Senior Account Director

3 Essential Steps to Effective Career Planning by Michelle Celander PhD, Senior Account Director Know what makes you unique, and leverage it. Gone are the days of having to work on your weaknesses. Career planning in 2017 is ALL about how you make your best bits, better. […]

Dietitians Love Digital: New Research from ACDC


At Appetite, we’re keen consumers of social media. But we never make the assumption that our own usage patterns and habits are the best way to reach our key audiences. So when we set out to learn how best to reach Australia’s 6,000+ nutrition leaders via social […]

Australian food and nutrition experts weigh in on top trends for 2016

ACDC Trends

From kale to quinoa, gluten-free to guilt-free or FODMAPs to fasting, there’s no better way to find out what’s hot and what’s not when it comes to food than by asking the experts – dietitians. Appetite Communications and Dietitian Connection have surveyed more than 100 dietitians[i] to […]

Creativity on Social Media: Insights from Media Strategist Carolyn Miller


The Appetite team recently met Carolyn Miller and asked her opinion on what it takes to be creative and successful online. Carolyn is well recognised as a thought leader within the creative industries and has vast experience in delivering engaging keynote addresses. She is a regular panelist on ABC program ‘Gruen […]

A Match Made in Heaven: Social Media Platform Instagram & Nutrition Communications Go Hand in Hand

Instagram Logo

Many of us are already a pro using Facebook and Twitter, whether it is for personal or professional use in your organisation. Perhaps you’re also feeling confident about LinkedIn, and you’re busily connecting and networking with others in your industry. On top of these social media platforms […]

Nine nutrition-focused e-newsletters you may not be reading (but should)


“The latest online phenomenon is already sitting in our inboxes,” proclaimed US News recently. The news site wasn’t talking about a new social media platform or app – they meant e-newsletters. Far from being a defunct form of communication, e-newsletters are again on the rise in popularity. […]

A steady diet on social media- ACDC launches new report

ACDC Report

We know it’s been a while since we’ve posted on our blog, but for very good reason: For the past 10 months, we have been working with Dietitian Connection to undertake research into the social media habits of key nutrition stakeholders. This new report highlights dietitians’ use of […]

Standing out in the crowd. Giving your social media content a chance among the masses


You’ve just spent hours polishing your blog post to go live. The next step involves spreading the word and what better way to do so than integrate your message into your social media channels.  A simple tweet can further leverage the reach of your post. While Google […]

Alcohol – the forgotten macronutrient? Recent data from the Australian Health Survey

Wine and beer

Though we were excited about the release of the nutritional data from the Australian Health Survey, we didn’t blink at the news that teenagers and young adults consume more soft drinks, burgers and chips than any other age group. We were indeed impressed that three quarters (75%) […]

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