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The Australian Health Survey (AHS)


Providing the first snapshot of our nation’s health in almost 20 years, the Australian Health Survey (AHS) is the largest, most comprehensive health survey ever conducted in Australia. And for the first time includes not only diet and activity measures (the National Nutrition and Physical Activity Survey […]

Move for Health


Move for Health Conference In keeping with our commitments to keep abreast of current evidence and to be more physically active, Appetite recently attended the Move for Health Conference. As part of the Healthier Australia Commitment, The Australian Food and Grocery Council partnered with The Australian Diabetes […]

Creating Healthy Food Environments – Who’s Responsible?


The fact that our country is in the crux an obesity epidemic is not news. The question of who’s responsible creates debate among professionals. Should individuals be responsible for their own health and lifestyle choices? How can food contribute to the solution? How involved should the government […]

Guidelines encourage us to get off our backsides and get moving


Many of us drive to work, or sit on the bus or train, only to find ourselves deskbound for 8 hours or more, even eating at our desks, and then we watch TV or tend to our social media to relax in the evening. This all adds […]

Reputation Management in the Digital Age


As news was breaking that Tesco’s beef was tainted with horsemeat and the supermarket chain was removing it from its shelves, the social media team tweeted ’It’s sleepy time so we’re off to hit the hay.’ Scheduled tweets can be damaging in more ways than one when […]

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