Appetite Research

Appetite Research was established to offer an end-to-end service, distilling published nutrition research down to what’s most important. This means the information is not only credible, but also accessible to all functions within your business.

Under the leadership of Dr Michelle Celander, the Appetite Research team brings a unique combination of nutrition and business expertise, enabling us to offer you comprehensive evidence-based reports on topics that matter. Bespoke research report services are available to meet your unique business needs.

Appetite Research: The Sugar Insider ReportThe Sugar Insider: Cutting through the confusion

To arm you with the latest facts to navigate the complex landscape of free and added sugars, Appetite Research has created a new report – The Sugar Insider: Cutting through the confusion.

This report calls on the most credible, independent sources of data (University of Sydney and Australian Bureau of Statistics) and translates it into key take-outs and meaningful strategic insights. This is a one-stop-shop report that contains the sugar information that will inform public health policy and regulation action.

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