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Creativity on Social Media: Insights from Media Strategist Carolyn Miller

Carolyn is well recognised as a thought leader within the creative industries and has vast experience in delivering engaging keynote addresses. She is a regular panelist on ABC program ‘Gruen Planet’, and also appears on other shows such as The Today Show, Sunrise, and ABCNews24 as an expert in advertising and creative persuasion.

A Match Made in Heaven: Social Media Platform Instagram & Nutrition Communications Go Hand in Hand

Instagram is perfectly suited to the nutrition industry. Here are six great reasons why Instagram and nutrition are a match made in heaven.

A steady diet on social media- ACDC launches new report

Appetite Communications and Dietitian Connection (ACDC) have launched research into dietitians’ use of social media, discovering a savvy, well-connected group of health care professionals who embrace social media for both personal and professional use

Standing out in the crowd. Giving your social media content a chance among the masses

With over a billion registered users, there is great potential for someone to hear us. On the contrary with so much competition, it is likely many of these messages are being lost.

Reputation Management in the Digital Age

As news was breaking that Tesco’s beef was tainted with horsemeat and the supermarket chain was removing it from its shelves, the social media team tweeted ’It’s sleepy time so we’re off to hit the hay.’ Scheduled tweets can be damaging in more ways than one when