Dietitians Love Digital: New Research from ACDC

At Appetite, we’re keen consumers of social media. But we never make the assumption that our own usage patterns and habits are the best way to reach our key audiences.

So when we set out to learn how best to reach Australia’s 6,000+ nutrition leaders via social channels – when, where, how – we didn’t leave it to speculation: we conducted research, and asked dietitians themselves.

The result is our “2016 Guide to Dietitians’ Social Media Habits”. The only research of its kind, and in its second iteration, the report is the result of a partnership between the Appetite Communications team and Dietitian Connection (or as we like to call ourselves, ACDC).

Given that dietitians are the interpreters of science-based research on nutrition, the unique year-over-year data in the “2016 Guide” offers valuable insights into how food and health news is consumed and disseminated to the general population by nutrition leaders.

The big a-ha?

More than ever, Australia’s dietitians are harnessing the latest social media tools to discover and deliver news to their clients. Research highlights included:

  • Dietitians love digital: An overwhelming 97% of all dietitians now access social media for both personal and professional reasons.
  • Visual is hot:  With its enticing mix of imagery, content and social interaction, Instagram has surged in popularity among dietitians, making it the second most popular platform after Facebook.
  • Get cooking:  Sourcing recipes is the top reason dietitians take to social media, followed by researching food and product reviews.
  • Bookending the workday:  The most popular time of day for dietitians to check social media is between 7pm – 9pm, followed closely by 7am – 9am.


Our best advice?

If you’re seeking to engage with this dynamic group of health professionals, you’ll want to tuck into this report and its wealth of infographics. Analysing and applying key learnings from its trend lines can significantly impact the effectiveness of reaching nutrition leaders with news, innovations and product announcements.

We all know that having digital tactics in your comprehensive outreach strategy is a non-negotiable these days, but never before have we seen dietitians relying on social media with such frequency, purpose and specificity.

The complete report is available at no cost this year, and can be downloaded here. If you have any questions or comments on the data, feel free to email