Nine nutrition-focused e-newsletters you may not be reading (but should)

“The latest online phenomenon is already sitting in our inboxes,” proclaimed US News recently. The news site wasn’t talking about a new social media platform or app – they meant e-newsletters.

Far from being a defunct form of communication, e-newsletters are again on the rise in popularity. The reason’s simple– you do nothing: they show up in your inbox, the content is already curated for you (to save you from time-wasting online searches) and you can read them when your schedule permits.

Staying up-to-date in your field has never been easier, so make the most of the opportunity! In addition to your regular favourites, we present nine nutrition-focused e-newsletters to help expand your horizons:

1. Food Navigator [EU, Asia, U.S.] – this daily e-newsletter centred on the food and beverage industries is available in EU, Asian and U.S. editions (and yes, you can sign up for all three). Amid the corporate announcements, you’ll find news on food trends, food safety, new technical papers, R&D, regulatory news and more.

2. ScienceDaily – frequent and exhaustive are the words that come to mind when we think of ScienceDaily’s newsletters. Available on a plethora of topics, such as Dieting & Weight Control, Nutrition Research and Nutrition, this science-research news service delivers daily briefs from sources around the world. A word of caution – don’t zealously over-subscribe, or your inbox may beg for mercy.

3. SmartBrief for Nutritionists – a daily e-newsletter, this U.S. publication pulls together news from Today’s Dietitian, HealthDay and more sources. It includes new studies, food industry news, a round-up of dietitians quoted in the news, recipes – and even a daily inspirational quote, for good measure.

4. The Conversation – independent, sharp commentary on news, sourced from academics and researchers. Think of it as a full-on workout for your brain cells. And you can receive the best of The Conversation daily (including a weekend edition) via email. Check out the Science + Technology and Health + Medicine sections.

5. Charles Perkins Centre (CPC) Newsletter – As the innovative centre of nutrition and health research, CPC offers this monthly newsletter of updates on clinical research activity, new research programs and upcoming events, such as seminars and workshops in their specialty areas of obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

6. Australian Food News – ‘Thought For Food’ eNews alerts are sent daily to keep you up-to-date with breaking news stories from the Australian and global food industries.

7. Dietitian Connection – this all-in-one package is a newsletter you’ll want to save, and refer back to time and again. Sure, there’s a tailored selection of nutrition news and newly published research, from around the world – but as a bonus, subscribers also get handpicked leadership, social media and marketing articles, to help with professional development. (Full disclosure – we’re slightly biased, as we work closely with Dietitian Connection!)

8. New York Times Health Update – a weekly, this e-newsletter rounds up the best of The New York Times’ coverage on all things health. From the Well blog, on wellness topics, to Phys Ed’s fitness news, you’ll find intelligent commentary on consumer-facing issues, physician-authored columns and more. The Times has won over 110 Pulitzer prizes for excellence in journalism — more than any other news organization; you’ll quickly see why.

9. LinkedIn Pulse – while not a nutrition newsletter, this business-world briefing is perfect for those days when you’re tired of thinking in kilojoules and instead seek a diversion in the form of highly useful leadership and marketing news. From “Why developing your personal brand is important” to ‘Tips for creating persuasive content”, you’re guaranteed to find nuggets of wisdom to help you grow as a professional. (To turn on this e-news, go to your LinkedIn settings, under Communications/Emails & Notifications/Set the Frequency of Email/Updates & News to get Pulse in your inbox, daily or weekly.)

Happy subscribing!

Do you have a favourite e-newsletter you’d like to share with us? Leave a comment below, with the link!

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