Our Team

Our strength is our talent. We are a specialist team providing expertise in nutrition communications.



Andrea Mortensen

Andrea gained her unique combination of marketing and nutrition communication skills working in corporate and NGO food and nutrition marketing roles for many years. She is known for her strong issues-management skills and innovative leadership in food and nutrition programs.

As a member of the Dietitians Association of Australia and Nutrition Society of Australia, she is well connected and continues to stay on top of the latest issues.

Get to know Andrea

Andrea loves an outdoor challenge and took on the 50 km Coastrek this year. As a busy mother of two, she loves discovering great tasting, quick and healthy meal ideas.


Jenn Madz
Senior Account Director – Nutrition

Jenn joins the team with over 10 years’ experience in food and nutrition policy, health promotion, preventive health and public health. She brings a skill set that translates science into practical messages for every day consumers to implement. Jenn holds a passion for helping make healthy lifestyle behavior change easy in today’s day and age. As a realist who sees value in collaboration and knowledge sharing, Jenn thrives on the challenge of finding solutions for businesses wanting to make a positive and influential impact to population health.

Jenn is both a member of Dietitians Association of Australia and Sports Dietitians Australia with University qualifications in biochemistry, physiology and nutrition and dietetics.

Get to know Jenn

Jenn is a long-distance runner and cycle enthusiast with a passion for community gardens and teaching.

Tim Cassettari

Tim Cassettari
Account Manager

Tim brings over 5 years’ experience working both in, and consulting to, the food industry. He has a very diverse skillset, having worked closely across nutrition communications, food regulations and nutrition science. With a blend of great analytical skills and creativity, Tim loves the challenge of creating new nutrition science and translating the findings into simple and engaging messages that bring about behaviour change. Tim thrives in dynamic team environments, and is looking forward to co-creating smart solutions for Appetite’s clients.

Tim is an APD (Accredited Practising Dietitian) and in addition to dietetics, has university qualifications in both exercise science and psychology.

Get to know Tim

Tim is an animal lover and enjoys spending time at his family home with their hundreds of animals, which includes a llama, a fox, a miniature donkey and one of the smallest horses in Australia! He also spends his spare time meditating, reading, playing sports and exploring the outdoors, connecting with nature.