Keeping ourselves and our team energised, positive and well as we continue to work from home is a challenge for many leaders and businesses.  Our Energising Workplaces team of nutrition communicators, team leaders and movement and mindfulness experts share below what works for them using our three key pillars of wellbeing approach:

  1. Nourish to thrive
  2. Move to uplift
  3. Mindfulness to calm

We hope some of these tips can inspire or help you too!

Andrea Mortensen, director of Appetite Communications and nature junkie:

  • When my energy levels dip in the mid-afternoon, my uplift strategy is a short 15 minute walk and stretch (love stretching my arms towards the sky at our local park), followed by a cup of peppermint tea and a snack with plenty of filling fibre and protein like wholegrain crackers with hummus or a handful of tamari almonds.
  • I organise my desk with a daily checklist (tasks to complete with clear priorities) and de-clutter so I have space around my laptop with just the things I need to work with like reference materials, notebook and my multi-coloured water bottle as a reminder to take regular sips to keep hydrated and energised.

Monique Heller, dietitian and comms executive at Appetite Communications and passionate foodie:

  • I take 3 minutes in the evening to prepare my breakfast for the next morning – it’s as simple as soaking my overnight oats which means there’s no excuse in the morning to fall back on a lazy nutrient-poor breakfast or be tempted to get a pastry while getting my morning cappuccino.
  • I bookend my days with movement – no matter how short or gentle – some movement before I start work and after clocking off for the day is my non-negotiable. This provides structure to my day and a clear separation between work life and home life. I’ve even gone as far as putting a checklist on my fridge to tick off my morning and afternoon movement – our brains love ticking things off lists.

Overnight oats

Ava Lawler, CEO of Possibility Partnership and pet lover:

  • Take a moment to pat or walk my dogs – it’s been proven pets are good for our physical & mental health. Don’t just take it from me – here is what my dog Rocket has to say about it.
  • Take time to plan my time – a moment to reflect prioritise and plan calms the panic button.
  • Walk away and make a cup of tea and watch the kettle boil – my grandmother used to say that a cup of tea solves every problem and she was right!

Walking dog

Mitch (Michelle) Gibson, corporate wellness expert, Yoga teacher and self-care advocate:

  • Yoga can be a self-care ritual – it doesn’t have to be a 90min power vinyasa practice. Today your Yoga can be a few deep breaths, a gentle stretch in your chair or at the kitchen bench, even just a 10 minute Savasana (lie down) in silence. What needs to feel different? Attend to that first.
  • Mindfulness isn’t something that needs to be “mastered”. It’s really “single-tasking” for your brain – which drags you out of the past, reigns you in from the future, and gets you truly present in this moment. Try sitting in silence and just noticing what you see out your window for 2 minutes. Without needing to investigate, fix or change. Just noticing. Our mind doing LESS is wonderfully soothing for our nervous system.

Woman staring out of window

Gabrielle Tourelle, Partner, People and Culture at Possibility Partnership and Yoga and pilates teacher:

  • If I want to change my energy quickly – I focus on a quick overall body movement and then my spine. I will take my spine for a spin through its various movements, emphasising extension and lengthening given most of us are spending way too much time hunched forward over computers. Some movement for the stagnation from sitting and then some generous moments of breathing and opening the chest and spine can work wonders for a quick energiser.

Spinal movement

These are just a taste of what works for us – we’ve developed our Energising Workplaces program with a personalised approach to help remote teams find out what works best. Based on the three wellbeing pillars, our online program draws upon our collective wellbeing and leadership experience to provide your team with tangible support as they navigate the changing work environment. We’d love to hear from you and find out how we can help.

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