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Case Study

Have You Had Brekkie Today?

Uncle Toby’s outreach project


How do you engage with busy health professionals when nutrition isn’t top of mind? We needed to start the conversation on the importance of breakfast and where breakfast cereals fit.

With no previous communications to practice nurses, CPW (Uncle Tobys) was keen to develop a long-term relationship to empower practice nurses to start patient conversations on breakfast and health.

Appetite was tasked to develop a communication program to connect, engage and empower practice nurses on breakfast and health. Based on our qualitative insights work, we created a long-term communication strategy including the development of a breakfast education campaign and resources with Continuing Professional Development (CPD) activities and patient resources.


The educational component of the Breakfast Toolkit was reviewed and approved for practice nurses CPD. To build relationships and raise awareness of the breakfast program, we launched the toolkit at the Australian Practice Nurses Association national conference by hosting an educational breakfast seminar and stand.

The seminar was booked out with evaluation indicating strong engagement. The majority of PNs stated the seminar entirely met the key learning objective: Understand the importance of a healthy breakfast.

The launch was supported by an ongoing digital campaign that resulted in strong demand for the Breakfast Toolkit (reaching 1,163 practice nurses, around 1/3 of the total workforce).

The launch campaign set up a strong foundation for future communications to maintain and build relationships and drive demand for breakfast resources.

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