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Case Study


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Hyundai is the fifth largest automotive group in the world and are reportedly the fastest growing automotive brand in Australia. With ~200 employees across Australia, Hyundai take retention of staff very seriously and are investing in employee health and wellness as part of their ongoing commitment to their team. We assisted in an engaging event Hyundai developed to celebrate its people with a week of wellness activities – food & nutrition being the focus.


We applied our workplace wellness expertise using our personalised settings approach to develop content specific to Hyundai and deliver the most impact. This was achieved via a short questionnaire to find out employee food and nutrition questions and concerns. This shaped the content of an interactive workshop that addressed their needs.

40 employees attended the session to learn the basics about healthy eating, how to identify healthier products and the recommended serve size of commonly eaten foods. We debunked the myths of super foods, gluten free alternatives, sugar and protein. Onsite catering delivered the top 3 selling lunch items for a deconstruction activity to identify how healthy they were, the appropriateness of their size and how to make them healthier.

Attendees found the hour and a half session practical, relevant and useful. They were able to leave the session and make simple, instant changes to their food choices to improve their daily intake.

The session was a success for the organisation, delivering on the pre-determined wellness objectives.

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