At Appetite, we’re enthusiastic consumers of social media and regularly engage with a range of health stakeholders through social channels.

To understand trends in the social media habits of dietitians – when, where, why and how – we partnered again with Dietitian Connection, to undertake our bi-annual survey.

The result is our 2018 Report, ‘A Healthy Diet’ of Social Media: Trends in Dietitians’ Social Media Habits.

The Report offers valuable insights into how food and health news is consumed and disseminated to the general population by nutrition leaders over time.

What’s new?

More than ever, Australia’s dietitians are harnessing the latest social media tools to discover and deliver news to their clients.

Research highlights include:

  • Dietitians love digital: An overwhelming 95% of dietitians are on board for social media for both personal and professional reasons.
  • Visual is hot: Instagram is still increasing in popularity among dietitians, making it the second most popular platform after Facebook.
  • Nutrition News is Key: Dietitians are increasingly using social media to keep up to date with the latest nutrition news and information.

Our advice?

If you’re seeking to engage with this dynamic group of health professionals, you’ll want to tuck into this report and its wealth of infographics.

The complete report is available and can be downloaded here. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to email us.

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